Saying a big “I do” to the beautifully small…

Elopements… The word has come a long way from the traditional meaning. Whereas it may, in the past, have sprung up connotations of rebelliousness or being slightly sneaky, nowadays it brings a whole new breath of fresh air to the wedding scene.

Simple, intimate, no-frills. It’s is about the two of you and your commitment, pure and simple.

In a time of uncertainty, like what we are facing here in 2020, we like to try and look at the silver linings: There has never been a time of the ‘togetherness’ we are all feeling right now.

Whisper Bay Park | Brooke Miles Photography

‘Togetherness’ is the right word – no matter where you are from, were you live, how old, or what you do, the world has been thrown into a (bitter-sweet) ‘togetherness’. More and more we are seeing wonderful stories of love conquering all – whether it is time spent with families, loved ones, or individuals simply stopping a moment to breath, take stock and love life a little more.

For couples that have had their wedding plans thrown into a whirlwind of confusion, or for the newly engaged unsure where to start given the new challenges we face, we wanted to take the opportunity to spend a bit of time showing you that there is a certain option out there that you may wish to consider.

Airlie Beach Foreshore | Tropix Photography

We’ve always been big fans, but perhaps now, more than ever, there is a reason to sit down and explain why we think elopements are so much more than a quick and easy fix.

They are beautiful, wonderfully personal, and could possibly be the dream day you’ve been searching for.

Whether they end up ticking the boxes for you or not, we hope to be here at to take you on the wedding planning journey, through the coming months and beyond, to bring you to your ‘happily ever after’…

There are many reasons why you may have considered eloping in the past, or perhaps why you should consider it now. Maybe you are a no-fuss kind of couple, or perhaps you just don’t simply have the budget (or want to spend big-bucks regardless).

Perhaps the idea of being the centre of attention triggers butterflies in your stomach, or possibly you just want it to be present in the moment as a couple, just the two of you, without any other distractions. Whatever the reasons, there are certainly some serious pros to consider when contemplating an elopement…

We’ve listed out our top 5 reasons to say a big ‘I do’ to a beautifully small wedding day celebration:

1. Save the money…

It is no secret that weddings can cost a pretty little penny in this day and age. Even if you’re the most budget-savvy of brides, the risk of things blowing out is an ever constant worry and something that you’ll have to be ready to fight off at every decision-making turn.

Regardless of how extravagant you want to make your elopement (and believe us, the sky is the limit), it is sure to be cheaper than a large lavish affair. Whether you want to save that money on other things, such as a house deposit, renovations, a big honeymoon or trip, or even continue to be a great saver and keep it nestled in your bank, an elopement is a great way to keep the costs minimal, but the memories priceless.

2. WAY less planning…

A big wedding is just that: It’s big… To say there’s a lot to think about can be a tad of an understatement. From the flowers, to the cake, to the guest list, to the seating plan. Not to mention the bridesmaid dresses or the wedding playlist… Does this instantly fill you with dread as opposed to excitement?

Cedar Creek Falls | Nadine Kemp Photography

If this all feels more than a bit overwhelming, then perhaps save yourself the headache – Go small. Go simple. Go easy…

3. Wherever your dreams take you…

Let’s face it, if it’s just the two of you (plus a celebrant and photographer say), then what is stopping you from getting married on that mountain top, or by that waterfall, or on that uninhabited palm-fringed beach? Sounds to good to be true, right? Well, by eloping, it’s not.

You don’t need to worry about anyone else being comfortable, able to make the trek or the journey, you can have your pick of the secluded magical places that you would never have been able to access with a big guest list.

4. It’s about the two of you…

Not only does this mean you don’t need to worry about pleasing the in-laws, inviting random work colleagues out of awkwardness, or catering to the many (and often difficult) needs of your guests:

You can sit back, together, and make your day exactly how you both would want it.

And we mean only you two. Don’t want a traditional ceremony? Then don’t. Want pizza instead of salmon? Then order a takeaway. Want to sit back, pop open the bubbly in private and watch the sun go down with no one else around (ahhh, pure bliss)? Then do it. By eloping, you can.

Boathaven Beach | Brooke Miles Photography

5. You can travel, explore, and discover something magical…

One of the biggest benefits to eloping, we think, is that it gives couples are real reason to get out there and explore what the world has to offer. The Whitsundays has long caught the eyes of many couples searching for a picture-perfect tropical slice of paradise to act as the backdrop for their special day. It’s not hard to see why: lush swaying palm trees, white sandy beaches, a crystal clear ocean, all under the good old Queensland sun.

Who says you need to hop on a plane to some far-off distant land to get that postcard worthy setting? The Whitsundays is right here, nestled away on the Queensland coast, just begging to be discovered and explored by couples who are searching for something magical.

So, does an elopement sound like it may possibly be on the cards?

Need a little more inspiration?

Well, let us help! There are so many incredibly stunning backdrops to choose from in the Whitsundays, but let’s keep it simple and sweet for your equally simple and stunningly sweet special day: click here to be inspired by the local destinations scattered around the tropical Whitsunday coastline…


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