Chloe and Ian // Airlie Beach

Whitsunday Wedding Suppliers

Ceremony Venue: Whitsunday Main Beach
Reception Venue: Breeze Bar
Photographer: Tropix Photography
Celebrant: I Do Whitsunday Weddings
Wedding Planner: Philip Batty & Debbie Savy
Decorator: Azure Weddings & Events
Florist: Sofi & Flora
Hair: Hair Airlie Beach
Makeup: Loll Doll Makeup
Caterer: Breeze Bar
Cake Maker: Breeze Bar + Krispy Kreme
Accommodation: Accom Whitsundays
Child Minding: Janie Kaiser
Transport: Whitsunday Jetski, Red Cat Adventures, Ocean Rafting
Videographer: Riptide Creative

Your Love Story

Ian moved to Airlie Beach from England in 2010 following a friend who had previously made the move. I moved to Airlie early 2012 after getting a dive instructor job on an overnight boat – Wings. I met Ian on the first day on the job and he was ‘meant’ to be my training staff member.

We hit it off straight away and officially got together soon after. I think we both though it may just be a short fling – neither when much expectations. We soon found ourselves moving in together, travelling the world together, buying homes and making life plans.

The Proposal

6 years after meeting, Ian proposed in bed on Christmas morning with a custom made blue sapphire ring and 8 years after meeting we are now married with one beautiful daughter and baby two on the way!

Honeymoon Heaven

When you live in Paradise it is hard to pick where to go. When the time arises and baby two is here we might have a family honeymoon

Hens and Bucks 

As this was a surprise and last minute event we didn’t really have time to organise a bucks or hens event. I also found out I was pregnant just 3 days after confirming we would get married so I was trying to put off any spontaneous hens any close friends were trying to put on.

Ian did have a day/night out with his best friend Adam along with our two dads, and our little baby Winnie even made an appearance at the pub. Not your typical event but it suited us perfectly and Ian had a great night even if he doesn’t remember it all.

Splurge Vs Save

We were very fortunate to have had the ceremony provided free of charge from the suppliers. We are unable to find the words to express our gratitude for this. So our biggest expenditure was our reception bar tab and food bill which was still extremely affordable.

Whitsunday Wedding Venue

We came for a quick working holiday 10 (Ian) and 8 (Chloe) years ago and have yet to leave

We had always struggled to explain the beauty of our home to friends and we remember going for a run (many years ago) and running through someones wedding photos. We have used this example to so many people since saying you know you live in paradise when you take your dogs for a afternoon run in the same place people choose for the most important photos of their life.

It was a no brainer to get married in the same town that brought us together and that expels beauty in every direction you look.

Wedding Day Vision

We were lucky to not have much input into our wedding which suited us both perfectly. It was an event put on by Philip Batty, Weddings Whitsundays, Tourism Whitsundays and Chamber of Commerce and we keenly agreed when asked if we wanted to share the event with our wedding.

The only catch was that we couldn’t know all the details and we had to trust the suppliers to pull it off.

Knowing and having worked alongside most of the suppliers before this was a easy decision for us and we happily said yes. They put on the perfect showtastic beach wedding event which was complete with boats, jetskis, singers, brass bands and a flash mob!

Our ceremony venue was selected for us. We chose Breeze Bar for our reception venue for several reasons. They were directly across the road from our ceremony venue and with it being a surprise it worked perfectly to get everyone over to the beach in time.

They are also a long standing Airlie venue who have always provided great service.

They were very accommodating and were more than happy to help with every request I had.

Sit Down or Cocktail?

We invited around 15 friends who traveled from overseas or around Australia, along with around 20 local friends (all of who though they were coming to our birthday drinks). However due to it’s nature we ended up with around 300-400 on lookers for the ceremony

Supplier Shout Outs

We didn’t choose our suppliers, but we couldn’t have been happier. What a world class group of suppliers Airlie Beach has!


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