Brittany and Jack // Peppers Airlie Beach

Whitsunday Wedding Suppliers

Ceremony: Peppers Airlie Beach
Reception: Peppers Airlie Beach
Photography: Brooke Miles Photography
Celebrant: I Do Whitsunday Weddings
Wedding Coordinator: Peppers Airlie Beach
Decorator: Azure Weddings and Events Whitsundays &
The Event Company Whitsundays
Hair: Sarah Burrell
Make-up: Joanne Dromgold
Cake: Coopers Crazy Cakes

Your Love Story…

We first met in 2011 at a friends house for a BBQ and a couple of drinks. The persons house we were at ended up being his best man at the wedding. The craziest thing was that we had so many mutual friends but never had met. Before we all went to bed that night I pretended that I had lost my phone and asked Jack to call it. The next morning I got up really early and went home before him. It got to about lunch time and I decided to text him, he was so confused as to how I got his number and it finally clicked to him that I was a little sneaky and pretended to lose my phone just to get his phone number. We were texting for about 2 days and then decided to go to the movies for our first date. We were dating for about a year and a bit when we took our first holiday together and went on a P&O cruise to Fiji , Vanuatu and New Caledonia. We were on our way to our first port when Jack decided to take me to dinner on the boat. It was absolutely freezing so after dinner I really wanted to change into jeans and a jumper but Jack would not let me, he wanted me to stay in my dress we were having this big argument why he wouldn’t let me get changed and why was he acting weird and being bossy. So we decided to take a walk to the back of the cruise ship, when we got there we were just chatting and when I turned to answer him I looked down and he was on one knee with this huge ring. I didn’t even give him an answer as I snatched the box from him to have a closer look at the ring and of course I said yes!

Whitsunday Wedding Venue…

We searched for Sydney venues for a good 2 years and everywhere we looked was way over priced for what it was and we never really found anywhere that we loved. We wanted something relaxed and not over the top and somewhere we could make a holiday with our closest friends and family. We never planned on going to the Whitsundays and kind of just came across it one day and instantly fell in love with Peppers in Airlie Beach. We booked our wedding and decided to tell our parents where we had booked and if people wanted to come they were more than welcome to travel with us. We decided to send out invitations and we got about 30 people say yes which was more than we expected. I was worried about not having a big wedding and that people would be offended, but going to the Whitsundays was the best decision we ever made.

Whitsunday Wedding Week…

We stayed in the Whitsundays for a week and we did quite a few things in the days that we had spare. From the first night we arrived we spent every night down in the main street of Airlie Beach at the restaurants and bars. It was so cheap and the people were so lovely. We took an island hopper trip with Cruise Whitsundays and we visited Daydream Island which we absolutely loved. After a couple of drinks we got back on the boat and went over to Hamilton Island where we hired a golf cart for the day and drove around and checked out the whole island. We had lunch by the yacht club and then finished our day off by meeting up with family and friends at Hamilton Islands information center where there was a lagoon and a band playing.

Wedding Day Vision…

My wedding was very soft and not over the top. We had it on a pavilion by the pool side at the top of the hill at Peppers Airlie Beach. We had soft pinks to match the bridesmaid dresses, white linen, round mirror center pieces with a tall candle holder and diamante tea light holders with scattered crystals for the guest tables. For the bridal table we had vases for the bouquets lined across the front with large square diamante candle holders.

Brides Wisdom…

Our top tip to other couples planning a Whitsunday wedding would be to pick a great photographer and don’t be afraid to spend a lot on photos, as at the end of the day once its all over it is all you have left.

We also suggest not to worry about everyone else as this is about you and your partner. Stop worrying what your friends think and don’t worry about small things like place cards, because at the end of the day no one remembers them.

Honeymoon Heaven…

We didn’t need a honeymoon as that was part of the reason why we chose the Whitsundays, we were already on our honeymoon and the whole stay was so relaxing and it was a great way to save money.


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