Why Bigger, is Often Better!

Ahh, the dreaded question we pose ourselves at the very beginning of our wedding planning, “Do we want a large wedding in the Whitsundays or a smaller, more intimate affair?” The answer to this question will evidently shape your whole wedding.

It is important to get this decision right, before you start looking at any other suppliers for your day. Venue, catering, styling, music and even florals will all be affected by this decision and it is not one to rush into.

Ok, so firstly your wedding day the biggest celebration of your love for one another. And what is a celebration without people to celebrate with? A larger guest list on your special day will create the right energy to get the party started. Your guests will not be worried about others witnessing their out of date dance moves on the dance floor, as there will be a whole host of other guests doing the two step, or the infamous ‘Dad dance’ all around them! Cue funny photo opportunities!

Secondly, love. The guests at your wedding will be there because they love you. What a better feeling than being surrounded by all these people that love you and want to support you on your special day. This is probably the only time in your life that all of the individuals that you care about so dearly will be together in the same spot; never mind town, state or even country! In this case it really is the more, the merrier.

The guest list. This reiterates the above point in that you don’t have to choose who you love the most out of your school friends, 18 cousins or work mates. You can have them all. No offending Uncle Bob’s step son and making him feel excluded from the family because he can come too and everyone is happy. Phew.

Awkward silences do not happen at large weddings in the Whitsundays because there are so many people to talk to and meet! There will be never be a dull moment, between catching up with friends you haven’t seen since school, to match making your single best friend with the best man; the day will be full of fun and excitement!

Throughout this whole planning process, whether you’re just getting started with this very question, or whether you have already made up your mind and are reading this article for some extra confirmation, you must remember that your wedding is exactly that, yours. You must go in the direction that is right for your couple and that makes you feel the most comfortable. Most of all, try not to get lost in the whole process. Remember that it is all about why you are marrying your loved one, not how.

Luckily, at Earlando they cater for all sizes of weddings! With maximum guest numbers being 300!

Planning guide article and images courtesy of Earlando Whitsundays.


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