Whitsunday Wedding Photo Tours

The Whitsundays really do have it all when it comes to stunning locations for your wedding photos.

Whether you see yourself barefoot on the most beautiful beach in Australia or leaning elegantly against a giant tropical fig tree….perched on a tractor beside fields of swaying cane or luxuriating in a five-star resort or state-of-the-art sailing yacht…the Whitsundays will deliver!

So here, courtesy of our wonderful Whitsunday photographers are some “insider” tips to help you maximise your time and make the most of all the amazing locations.


Organise a romantic ‘recon’ mission, and take a few days (ideally, exactly 12 months from your chosen date) to check out venues, suppliers and locations. Meet with your short-listed photographers to make sure they really are suited to your style. Don’t worry if the ‘recon’ mission is unavailable for you…take a look at the photographers’ website portfolios and Facebook pages and read their reviews to see what their couples thought of them and if their style is exactly what you’re after.

Once you’ve made your decision, talk to your photographer about the many options available to you in the Whitsundays. The region is blessed with mountains, beaches, rainforest and sweeping panoramic views, so you really are spoilt for choice.

All the different, beautiful things you could want are here in the Whitsundays – there’s so much – but with prior planning you could set yourself up well to achieve everything you could dream of in your photo tour.

Want more information? Browse our showcase of beautiful real weddings that may help you decide on locations and suppliers.

Be true to you

Don’t get carried away by everything, and everyone, else when it comes to your wedding photos.

This is your day so think about what you want the photos to say about you and your partner. Are you a beach babe, or do you see yourself draped across the bow of a glittering superyacht? Would you feel more comfortable in a rustic setting, or do you want glitz and glamour?

Think about who you are and focus on three main areas rather than running you and your bridal party ragged around town. You will pick up other lovely things on the way, but focusing means those three things that you really want will definitely happen, and your wedding photos will have a beautiful, natural flow to them.

Be realistic!

Related to the above tip – in that it will help save your sanity – this tip is all about being realistic when it comes to your bridal party.

The bridal party can make all the difference – they can be great, or it can be frustrating if they are not where you need them to be and you miss out on doing everything you want.

Share your ideas with them ahead of time, so they know what’s important and where they need to be, and you can all have fun together. There’s nothing worse than wanting your bridal party to participate in a human pyramid only to find out they’re unwilling or unable!

And of course make sure there’s a bit of time factored in for just you and your beloved, where the romance can truly be captured.

Leave plenty of time

The biggest factor when it comes to your wedding day photographs is time, and the word on the street is – don’t skimp!

If you want more creativity, or a complete story of your day, or a large number of locations on your photo tour, then scrimping on time is not the way to go. Not leaving enough time will take the love and light out of your day (literally) and make you and your photographer stressed (stress and creativity are not usually best friends).

The great thing is, generally, the more time you have, the better the overall value of your photography package. The cost to include photos at the reception may only increase your overall photography cost by 10-20 per cent but the memories captured here can be priceless! Speeches, cake cutting, first dance, flower and garter toss, can be stunning when captured by someone who really knows what they’re doing.

Quality not quantity

A recent trend seems to be to err towards as many photos as possible, as if that is somehow an achievement in itself.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it is far better to have 100 excellent photos than end up with, say, 300 average “ho-hum” photos, due to poor planning and other things.

At the end of the day, you can have a gorgeous, award-winning album with 50 photos. Again, it comes down to planning and communication with your photographer.

Have fun with it!

The best photos are always the ones where the couple are looking happy and relaxed, so have some fun with your wedding day photo shoot.

If you are not a “natural” maybe try a cold beer or glass of bubbles to loosen up (but don’t go too crazy!). Music is also a great relaxant so pop some of your favourite tunes on an ipod with portable speakers and include some of your “special” songs too, to get the romance flowing.

In my experience, the wedding photos that produce the oohs and aaahs later amongst people are the ones where the bride and groom are being affectionate with each other. It comes from within – it’s natural and can’t be faked. So relax, look into each other’s eyes and remember why you are there…

This planning article was supplied by Tropix Photography


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