Whale Season In The Whitsundays

Well, it’s that time of the year again – Winter in the Whitsundays! Endless days of blue cloudless skies, calm ocean breezes, and wonderfully warm temperatures. There are so many reasons that our dry season tempts visitors to come from far and wide to soak up the sunshine in our tropical winter wonderland, but there is one other reason that we can’t help but share – From June-October, it’s also our annual whale season and this is when the Whitsundays puts on a show! 

Every year, these friendly and magnificent whales surface around the Whitsunday islands during their migration north in their hunt for warmer waters. They’ve definitely got the right idea, we think! If you’re hunting for warmer weather during winter months also, take a leaf out of their book and follow them up here! 

Brooke Miles Photography

Choosing to give birth to their calves in the warm, tranquil and protected waters of the Whitsundays, whales become a daily sight as they frolic and play in the aqua waters through the maze of lush Islands, and even can be spotted out on the Great Barrier Reef. 

Whilst spotting whales from the beach is somewhat rare, that does not mean to say it does not happen – Imagine a breaching whale attempting to steal the spotlight as a backdrop during your ceremony? Pure magic! We’d recommend, however, making the most of this incredible display by opting to hop on a boat with your guests and give them a real treat: A cruise around the islands is breath-taking in it’s own right and a must-do during your visit to our spectacular region, the whales are simply an incredible bonus inclusion to your experience! 

Brooke Miles Photography

Make a splash, as they do, by adding a dash of ‘wow’ factor to your proceedings and choose to incorporate setting sail on your wedding day. You could cruise either to a secluded bay for your ceremony or even for a sunset cruise before celebrating into the night. Alternatively, stretch out your visit and encourage all of your guests to do the same – A day out on the water exploring the islands is such a wonderful way to extend the celebrations and makes for the perfect pre or post wedding activity. With so many boat tours available, you’ll be sure to find the right vessel to suit your needs and vision.

Palm Bay

With so many reasons to visit the Whitsundays, these beautiful creatures are just another item in that ‘pro’ column, don’t you think?


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