Tasha and Mark // Whitehaven Beach

Whitsunday Wedding Suppliers

Ceremony Venue: Whitehaven Beach
Celebrant: Jan Harvey
Photographer: Tropix Photography
Flowers: Flower Hut
Hair: Airlie Beach Hair and Makeup
Makeup: Airlie Beach Hair and Makeup
Catering: Peach & Pear Events Catering
Transport: Air Whitsunday and Shuttle Limousines
Accomodation: at Marina Shores

Your Love Story

We met in Yr 9 at high school when we were 13 & started going out after kissing at our local under 18’s disco – Mark was having a competition with his friend over how many girls they could kiss that night and I must have been an awesome kisser because he stayed with me all night and lost the competition.

Mark ended up organised a romantic night away to a cabin in the Blue Mountains for us (probably should have been a red flag to me because he never organises anything on his own) – as we were driving there it started snowing and Mark had never seen snow before so he was really excited. Mark had ordered and organised our dinner to be brought to our room and I figured if he was going to do it, it would be at dinner but no – he ended up proposing later that night in the spa completely naked! Definitely will never forget that!

Honeymoon Heaven

We didn’t really have a honeymoon, we organised a family holiday to Hamilton Island with us and our 2 kids and decided that it would be the perfect time to get married. After the wedding we caught the ferry over to Hamilton Island and stayed there for 4 nights with the kids and it was actually our first family holiday so it was really good.

Splurge Vs Save

We wanted to make sure we had great photography so we upgraded the photography package because you will have those photos for the rest of your life and you want them to be amazing! We saved on the dress, it was on the discontinued rack and was the last one so it was half price which was awesome.

Whitsunday Wedding Venue

We wanted something beautiful that we could look back on and always be happy with what we chose and after looking around our area we decided that Queensland was the place to go because we love it up there, there is beautiful weather most of the time and the beaches in NSW are too cold!

Funniest Moment

Definitely when we got to Whitehaven and I realised that the water was up to Mark’s hip and I somehow had to make it from the plane to the beach without getting my dress wet – for some reason it never occurred to me that I would get wet being married on a beach! So Mark carrying me to the beach while complaining about how much heavier I was than the kids was pretty funny. Also that damned seagull that kept trying to steal the food from the kids and photobombed one of our photos just to be a part of the day.

Remarkable Memories

When we got back to Airlie to take more photos on the boardwalk under our hotel and while I was walking my daughter said “Mummy someone needs to hold your dress for you so it doesn’t get dirty” and she picked up the train and carried it for me to the boardwalk and we got some great photos of that. Also the whole time on our honeymoon our daughter was telling anyone who would listen that mummy is a Munro now!

Bride’s Wisdom

Don’t let the idea of the perfect wedding overwhelm you, do what you want to do and what you will be happy with – it’s your day! Don’t listen to anyones negativity or ideas about how it should be or how you should feel about everything because you don’t want to look back later & realise that what was supposed to be YOUR big day was just a combination of what everyone else wanted! It’s about celebrating your love and happiness and nothing else matters but you.


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