Rowena and Tristan // Coral Sea Resort

Whitsunday Wedding Suppliers

Venue: Coral Sea Resort Marina
Hair: Sheer Pleasure
Make-up: Selena Clancey
Florist: Brides Own Silk
Photo: Tropix Photography
Celebrant: I Do Whitsunday Weddings
Décor: The Event Company Whitsunday
Entertainment: Total Entertainment
Entertainment: Whitsunday Dance Company

Your Love Story

By chance! Rowena’s health clinic was only a street away from one of Tristan’s properties, and by chance they met even though they had probably crossed paths many times!

The Proposal

Tristan and Rowena had just come back from a wonderful week in Bali on a yoga retreat. The holiday was over and it was back to work.

Rowena was living in Airlie Beach and Tristan in Brisbane at the time so the relationship was one of long distance combined with lots of holidays and weekends away. 

Rowena was “tricked” by close friends Tolita and Gary to help them review a new helicopter trip for tourists. Rowena agreed to take the trip and help out, she had a list of questions ready for the pilot interview and made a series of videos to show how tourists could benefit from this trip. 

As Rowena went to step on the helicopter, Tristan appeared out of nowhere. Rowena was shocked, as she thought he was in Brisbane! His excuse was that he wanted to join in, so they took off together.

Rowena was still doing her duty of interviewing the pilot, but upon landing on Whitehaven Beach, amongst the white sand and pristine water, a shade umbrella, rug and champagne was set up and the pilot disappeared. 

Tristan asked Rowena to look at the water so that he could take a photo of her. As she turned around, he pulled out a gorgeous Ceylon Sapphire ring and the next time she turned around to see why it was taking him so long to take the photo, he proposed, down on one knee.

Honeymoon Heaven

Both Tristan and Rowena have always been adventure seekers, so chose to visit Livigno, in the northern Italian Alps for a week of snowboarding, pizza and adventure!

During their stay in Italy they also went to Rome and Milan, visiting places like the Vatican, Colosseum and Duomo di Milano.

Hens and Bucks 

The boys got together at Northerlies, a fantastic restaurant and pub along the ocean in the Whitsundays. The girls went to the Rum Bar and Fish Divine Restaurant, all dressed in pink leopard print. Both parties were lucky enough to have family, friends and clients present

Splurge Vs Save

Splurge – The venue and outfits. We chose Coral Sea in Airlie Beach as it is alongside the water and has excellent accomodation for our guests.

Tristan’s suit was a a beautifully tailored Italian piece. Rowena’s outfit was a Bollywood inspired lengha, a designer piece made in India incorporating hand beading and crystal work. 

Save – we didn’t spend money on transportation or extended stays at the hotel because we both live in Airlie Beach and wanted to keep it simple

Whitsunday Wedding Venue

A month before the wedding, Tristan moved up to Airlie Beach to live. Rowena had been living and working here for 11 years already. So it was basically a wedding in their own backyard!

Wedding Day Vision

Bollywood. Rowena’s family heritage stems from North India, and both Tristan and Rowena were wanting the wedding to be fun, colourful and something different to the norm.

All the guests wore Bollywood inspired attire and professional dancers choreographed a dance routine and taught it to the 50 attendees which was one of the highlights of the night!

The multicultural group consisted of guests from Fiji, Romania, USA, Canada, UK and Papua New Guinea, as wellas guests from wonderful towns in Australia such as Fingal Bay, Newcastle and Tamworth.

It was truly a multicultural night with Bollywood flair, where music and dance brought everyone together.

DIY Details

No, we just had wonderful suppliers who were happy to follow our vision.

Funniest Moment

The shoe game, organised by our wedding planner. Actually, all of the games including limbo were all a laugh and kept the night fun

Remarkable Memories

Watching all 50 guests get up to do a choreographed Bollywood dance. Everyone picked a random dance partner and it was beautiful to watch all the laughter and friendships made.

Supplier Shout Outs

Special thanks goes to Jess Lawrence our wedding planner. She had her eye on every detail and allowed us to enjoy every moment!

We also thank Deb Savvy, our photographer for the stunning shots, Annie Lloyd Lewis our celebrant, Beau and Natalie our dancers, and Tahlia Tabone our singer for creating priceless moments.

Bride’s Wisdom

Don’t plan it. Leave all the planning to the experts. Give them your budget and ideas then let them take over, and watch their magic unfold. Airlie Beach has some of the best wedding suppliers, and the ability to let go, and allow the experts to do their job with your vision will allow for a stress free day that you will remember forever.


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