Claire and Warren // Private Home

Whitsunday Wedding Suppliers

Ceremony Location: Private Home
Reception Venue: Private Home
Photographer: Summer Rain Photography
Catering:  D’Vine Catering & Events
Stylist: Divine Weddings Whitsundays
Teepee: Teepeevents Whitsundays
Hair Stylist: Friend
Wedding Planner: Bride
Make-up Artist: Loll Doll Make-Up 
Florist: Le Sorelle The Sisters Coffee House & Florist
Cake Maker: Whitsunday Baked Creations
Dress: Lillian West
Suits: Peter Jackson


Your Love Story

I first met Claire at a party I wasn’t initially invited to. We danced the night away and all too soon the night ended but I managed to get her number. After returning from England six months later I noticed Claire’s profile came up on my facebook suggested friends. I then remembered that I had her number, so I took the chance to call it. She answered it and remembered who I was. I managed to land a date.


Wedding Day Style

We chose ivory and cream as our main colours. We wanted a rustic, romantic feeling that was filled with lace, florals, fairy lights and wooden features. Our flowers were a combination of white, soft pinks and burgundy intertwined with bush foliage. We wanted our decorations to compliment the teepee and the surroundings of the private home, providing our guest with a homely relaxed feel overlooking the grand view.


Sit Down or Cocktail

We had 80 guests entertained with a relaxed cocktail introduction leading into a casual sit-down arrangement underneath the teepee. Our guest enjoyed a buffet style arrangement and had the choice to choose any part of the property to eat at. We created different areas around the property for our guest enjoy, relax and have a great time.


Wedding Planning

We coordinated the wedding ourselves, picking and choosing the services that we wanted. This allowed us to keep track of our budget and know exactly what we were getting. The services that we chose were all amazing and professional. We are forever thankful for our perfect day.


Splurge Vs Save

We splurged on making sure our guest had a wonderful experience, so spending most of our money on setting up an outdoor wedding was well worth every decoration put into place. Catering is also important, making sure the food is amazing is also a big talk amongst guest. So, I recommend spending money on food and drinks too. We saved money our wedding attire. We did not go overboard knowing that we will only wear it once. So, we went with our colours, theme and considered the weather keeping in mind that our photos need to look great not the price tag of the clothes. The other way we saved was by culling our guest list. This was hard but we put it down to who have we have seen over the last year and who will be still in contact in the near future. It came down to who was directly connected to us.


Brides Wisdom

I would recommend to shop around and ask questions. There are plenty of ways of saving money. Do things together and try to avoid too many other opinions as you’ll get clouded, frustrated and confused. Pay things off as you go to avoid rather large bills. Keep a spread sheet of your expenditure and create a list of wants and needs, sorting out your needs first will provide you with option for your wants.



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